1-Night Guest Pass (Summer 2023)  Other · Any Rec

Summer 2023
Feb 12 ’23
Registration Dates:
Starts Jan 9 ’23 regular
Free Agent Fees
Regular $10.00 + $0.50 Tax

  • Substitute players are permitted to participate in one game by registering before your game.
  • To register as a one-time sub, agree to waiver terms and pay $10/ game fee.
  • Subs are required to check-in prior to playing.
  • You must wear your own shirt close to the team color.  
  • Teams using subs cannot exceed the number of players on their original roster.
  • Players may not sub more than 2 games per season. Each time will require a separate $10 game fee. (Please email us at if this is your second time as a sub. The system will only allow you to register once as a sub)
  • Subs are prohibited from playing in playoff games. Subs wanting to participate in playoffs must register as a team player prior to the final game of the season.

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